Welcome to Sweet Pepper Ranch!

Join us this year and take advantage of our special introductory rates.

Sweet Pepper Ranch, located in the Treasure Valley of southwestern Idaho, is an unpretentious, “green” horse keeping operation. We raise reining horses and grass hay and work hard every day to exercise and train our horses as well as run the day-to-day aspects of an environmentally sensitive ranch. The Treasure Valley, part of the larger Snake River Valley, experiences the wonderful high desert climate of hot, dry days and cool evenings—perfect for riding, swimming and enjoying the outdoors!

Sweet Pepper Ranch offers a guest ranch and horse motel B&B. Traveling through the area? You and your horse have a safe, convenient place to spend the night (dogs are welcomed, too.) If you are looking for a vacation spot with your horse, we can be that! Maybe you’d like to work on a ranch and learn about green horse keeping practices? Then Sweet Pepper Ranch is for you! Our Cowgirl Weekend Getaways are a feature we offer in the summertime which include a unique, tailor-made horse adventure for you—bring your horse or ride one of our well-trained reining horses at a “horse camp” just for adults.

We look forward to having you and your horse visit us!

7 comments to Welcome to Sweet Pepper Ranch!

  • Hi Alayne,
    Just thought I’d test the form on your web site. Congrats on the new business venture! I wish you the best of luck. I look forward to being a guest, and also would be happy to do a fitness class or two there sometime!

    Good luck!

    PS, nice web site, Liz!

  • Jan Meeks

    Ms. Blickle,

    You rpcl! I’ll see you on Saturday. I plan on bringing Teresa’s Remi an my Boppy Sock.


  • Debbie Gibbons-DeRouen

    Hi Alayne.
    Thanks for the lesson today. I appreciate your patience and ANnie’s too! The place is awesome and hope to spend some more time with you and your horses!

    Debbie (Therese’s Friend)

  • Thanks Debbie! It was great meeting you as well. I sure appreciated all of your tips & ideas. Glad you liked Annie, she’s a good girl. Was a gem for my friend’s little girls in the afternoon. She stood very still and let them brush and groom her. It was so sweet. (:

    I called & emailed Jessi today to give her ifo on the help we need. Her price is little more than we can afford so I’ll hope that we get an interested student.

    Thanks again!

  • Kate Schlechter

    Hi Alayne and Matt… love the website. Would love to bring some of my girlfriends for a ride! How fun to have you so close to Meridian. Will definitely look you up in the fall when I visit my dad. Congrats on the new place and many blessings as you provide hospitality to your friends and fans!

  • Marilyn Knutson

    Alayne and Matt – YOU ROCK!!! Love the look of your new home and look forward to visiting you – soon!

    Hugs to all of you!