Riding Destinations

Celebration Park – Idaho’s only archaelogical park is just down the road from Sweet Pepper Ranch.  This Canyon County Park includes miles of horse and bike trails along the Snake River between boulders, across prairies and around hidden lakes. 

Eagle Foothills – miles and miles of trails in the Boise Foothills.

Hardtrigger Area – Wild horses

Kuna Butte – spectacular views of Treasure Valley, just two miles from Sweet Pepper Ranch.

Oregon Trail

Owyhee Mountains – site of many historic mining towns and puncutated by rugged outcroppings and occasional granite domes.

Sinker Creek

Snake River Canyon  – fascinating geologic area shaped by the cataclysmic Lake Bonneville flood 14,000 year ago.

Wilson Creek area – thousands of acres of BLM land with wild horses and endless trails to explore.